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Care for the health of employees, to achieve future of company


At 7:30 am, November 11th, the annual health examination for employees arrived as scheduled. The company has been adhering to the humanistic care, adhere to the people-oriented, care for employees, we organized the health examination, to ensure that employees can timely know their health status, to enhance their health awareness and improve work efficiency. Achieving the disease prevention and treatment purposes that "early diagnosis, early prevention.




All the time, we pay great attention to the health of employees, while constantly improving the working and living environment of employees, to provide strong protection for the health of employees, and we also inspect the implementation of occupational disease prevention measures regularly. Our H.R. Department also actively establishes and improves the occupational health system, strengthens the occupational health publicity, education and training, and fundamentally changes the employees' awareness of occupational hazards. The health examination was carried out by the labor union and H.R. Department of Baoyuejia which actively implementing the purpose of the enterprise and sincerely care for the employees, and it was unanimously praised by the employees.




Nearly 500 employees participated in the health examination this year. This health examination includes vision, blood test, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and so on. The comprehensive examination ensures the health of employees and establishes personal health records for them to ensure effective traceability.


The whole health examination was orderly, standardized and reasonable. With the strong cooperation of all departments, the health examination was successfully ended.


A healthy body is the basis of a person's happiness, in today's fast-paced life and working, we must always pay attention to our health.