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Full moon in mid-autumn festival, to enjoy the wonderful time together


The annual Mid-Autumn festival came, looking at bright moon in the sky, the whole country celebrating this day, to create a good festival culture mood, enrich cultural life of our colleagues, to carry forward the splendid traditional culture of our country and feel the festive mood of the Mid-Autumn festival, on September 8th, the "Guessing riddles in Mid-Autumn festival " activity was merrily held at the fishpond.


Under the arrangement of labor union of company, the colleagues of HR department hung up the "riddles" with rich content in the fishpond early. From a distance, various "riddles" create a warm and peaceful, harmonious and elegant mood. The labor union of the company also carefully prepared rich prizes for the colleagues who guessed the correct answer of the riddle, so that each colleague is very active.




Colorful riddles such as ribbons flying by the wind, our colleagues are happy and even forget to go home. In front of the riddles, a pair of delighted and excited eyes flashing the light of wisdom. Everyone high spirits, focus on each printed lantern riddles colorful cards, open the brain to think positively, discuss together, from time to time came waves of laughter, we not only participate in the fun of guessing lantern riddles, but also feel the mood of traditional culture.



The "Guessing riddles in Mid-Autumn festival " activity is perfect ended under everyone's laughter.