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The national flag-raising ceremony and morning meeting are held on September 2nd


In this season of joyful harvest, welcome to the beginning of September. At 7:45 in the morning of September 2nd, Baoyuejia's September national flag-raising ceremony and morning meeting are grandly held in the company square. All our staffs completed the solemn flag-raising ceremony with full enthusiasm and spirit. Then the heads of all departments summarized the work of last month and made prospects for the work of next month.



First of all, Chen Yiwen, director of quality Department, made a detailed summary of customer complaints, return rate, internal scrap and the other data in August. At the same time, it is required to strengthen the quality improvement in September, to operate as per the card according to SOP, and to avoid violations; In accordance with the principle of three no pass to prevent product batch accidents, we continue to reduce the scrap rate!


Tang Wenfeng, vice general manager of manufacturing Department, summarized the output, material cost, working time efficiency, water and electricity control, customer complaint of quality and the other achievements in August, and hoped that all departments would continue to improve them in the later work.


Finally, general Manager Deng Guoyou reviewed the company's work progress in August:



To review the key indicators of the company, how can we improve the deficiencies? And he put forward: "one tight, two difficult, three stable" the main idea, namely:

In the serious epidemic situation, tense situation, it is hard to find jobs, hard to save money, we need to achieve three stability.


The first is to stabilize the mind, under the situation that the workload is increased, we need to improve the quality of work, stabilize our mind and strive to improve ourselves; The second is to stabilize the quality and strengthen the control of product quality in each process. In August, the unstable quality caused the loss of customers or delayed orders, so we need to stabilize the quality and then steadily improve it. Finally, its the stable delivery period, we need excellent quality and stable delivery period. In August, we encounter customer complaints due to several consecutive non-technical problems, so we should ensure the stability of quality and customers. In the following days, each colleague should strive to improve themselves, in their own position to play their own energy.


Finally, in the 5S inspection evaluation in August, the company announced the ranking of the top three departments and the bottom three departments as well as the pennant exchange ceremony. In this evaluation, the electroplating process supervisor who ranked the last in this morning meeting led the colleagues in the electroplating process to make a joint vow and strive to remove this ranking in September! The top three processes in August were drilling, solder mask and profiling. The company awards bonuses to the top three processes to encourage them, and hopes that all departments can learn from the top three teams.




It is total of 20 colleagues were awarded the excellent employee of August. General Manager Deng Guoyou and Vice General Manager Tang Wenfeng awarded the honor certificate and bonus to the excellent employee of September. Here we thank them for their hard work in September.



The flag-raising ceremony in September was successfully ended!