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The national flag-raising ceremony and morning meeting are held on August 4th


The national flag, a symbol of the nation, a sign of sovereignty, a source of strength, a hymn of victory, a morale booster, at 7:45 a.m. on August 3rd, Baoyuejia's August national flag-raising ceremony and morning meeting are grandly held in the company square. All the staffs completed the solemn flag-raising ceremony with full enthusiasm and spirit. Subsequently, the leaders of each department summarized last month's work and looked forward to next month's work.


The first is the work report of Director of Quality Department Chen Yiwen. Director Chen put forward improvement requirements for the problems of customers' return and the internal scrap is exceeding the standard in July. Tang Wenfeng, vice general manager of Manufacturing Department, summarized the achievements of output, material cost, working time efficiency, water and electricity control, quality complaint and so on in July, and hoped that all departments would continue to improve them in the later work. Then, general manager Deng Guoyou reviewed the company's work progress in the first half of the year:


Review the company's important indicators from January to July. How can we improve the deficiencies?

Do the review, set the benchmark.

To always maintain a good working attitude and management status, management cadres and outstanding personnel should be more strictly with themselves and drive others, for substandard projects, we need to review more carefully. According to the "three projects" of "consolidating the foundation" in the first half of the year, the first is that the education and training are relatively well done. All employees have completed the theoretical assessment of the work license, and will continue to test the practical operation assessment of all employees in August. The second is equipment maintenance. The checking of equipment has not been completed, and the completion rate of maintenance is only about 60%. In the next step, it must be thoroughly implemented. At last, for the 5S audit, In July, the lowest score of the department was only 4.8, and the highest score was only 82, which fully showed how much attention people paid to "5S". Among them, in "sorting out", all departments made great progress, but the only shortcoming was "neaten", and the regional planning was not standardized and neatly placed.


All the shortage of the factory workers need to have a good reflection on themselves, so as to achieve the systematic operation, details and no omissions, hope that all of the management staff and our outstanding staff, active to take responsibility and drive the other staffs to grow up together, let every staff set high standards and achieve excellence according to the "system".


Finally, in the “5S” evaluation in July, the company announced the ranking of the top three departments and the bottom three departments and conducted the floating flag exchange ceremony. In this evaluation, Feng Jialiang, the electroplating supervisor who ranked last, led the colleagues in the electroplating department to make a joint vow to take off the ranking in August! The top three departments in July were drilling, packaging and FQC. The company gives bonuses to the top three departments to encourage them, and hopes that all departments can learn from the top three teams.


The general manager Deng Guoyou and the vice general manager Tang Wenfeng presented the honor certificates and prizes to the outstanding employees in July. Here we would like to thank for their hard work in July.


The flag-raising ceremony in August was successfully ended!