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The national flag-raising ceremony and morning meeting are held on June 2nd


At 7:45 a.m. on June 2, the flag raising ceremony of each month will arrive as scheduled in the drizzly weather. Despite the bad weather, most of the employees can have a sequence team and participate on time, which reflects a good sense of teamwork.



As the flag raising ceremony ended, President Deng pointed out in his speech: "we should 'work together to overcome difficulties'. Based on the bad external environment, the work direction in June is:

I. control: strictly control the cost. Everyone should remember the cost of manpower, materials and quality very clearly, and there should be no waste of cost;

II. Requirements: procedure standards and inspection standards. The first requirement is that all operations should be operated according to the process, and problems encountered should be solved according to the procedures. The second requirement is that all operations should be made according to the inspection standards;

III. implementation: 6S, equipment maintenance and employee training.




In June, we will do a good job in implementing the first control, the second requirements and the third requirements, which will be better than that in May. Only under such a big change in the industry can we have a living space. We hope that all managers and employees will do a good job in strict accordance with the three requirements. "


With the leaders' summary of the previous month and the outlook of the next month's goals, the company will also give awards to the employees who performed well in May;


5S audit and evaluation: the top three in April and may exchanged mobile flags, hoping that all departments can learn from the top three and improve their own shortcomings;


In May, the activity of "singing the National Anthem" was held. The top three teams were Engineering Department, quality department and human resources department. General manager Deng presented awards to the top three teams at the morning meeting in June.




The flag raising ceremony in June was successfully concluded at the Jinan University morning meeting.