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"Singing the National Anthem" activity


On May 18, our company held a team chorus activity of "singing loudly --- singing the National Anthem", with the active participation of employees. When the staff stood on the stage and sang the National Anthem loudly, all the staff felt a solemn and solemn atmosphere. Although each colleague had his own busy work, everyone showed his love for singing the National Anthem in a full mental state. The feeling of patriotism was born. With the singing, his heart was full of infinite pride and responsibility!


One week before the start of the event, we strengthened rehearsal through off-duty hours, constantly ran in the integrity of the team, and designed various unique bridge sections. After a wonderful and fierce competition, 21 teams were awarded the top three of the event by the engineering department, the quality department and the human resources department. At the same time, 18 other teams also won the "best organization award" of the event, and the event came to a successful conclusion!




Through this activity, we will further carry forward the spirit of patriotism, promote the construction of enterprise spiritual civilization, stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of employees, and develop a spirit of unity, cooperation and positive learning.