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Baoyuejia 2019 spring tea party


Baoyuejia's "focus and enjoy the future" ended smoothly



At 6 p.m. on February 16, 2019, the 2019 spring tea lottery Party of Zhongshan baoyuejia Electronics Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the company.


On February 16, the new year's bell was still ringing in my ears. After the Spring Festival, the families of baoyuejia company welcomed the annual spring tea party. This evening party was held in the company. Workers and leaders from all over the world gathered together to welcome the beginning of the new year.



On that night, at the spacious party site, the colleagues were in high spirits and frequently drank to get together. The performances on the stage were superb, with sketches that made you laugh, beautiful songs, etc. our lovely actors performed beautiful moments one after another. Some people are excited and moved to tears of happiness for winning the grand prize. Let this moment become an eternal memory in this life.


In this traditional and beautiful way, the family members of baoyuejia company celebrate the arrival of the new year and send a beautiful expectation for 2019. All the employees and their families of baoyuejia company will go all out and make joint efforts to write a new chapter and create new brilliance in the New Year!